“We support the constitutional right of American women to consult their own conscience and make their own decision about pregnancy. That is something we trust American women to do,” Kaine said. “And we don’t think that women should be punished, as Donald Trump thinks they should, for making the decision to have an abortion.”.

However, in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, the rest of me “chooses not to run.” Chronically indolent since toddler hood, I have settled comfortably into mid life as a mother of two in the Beef State, where most evenings involve a box of Trader Joe Joe’s and The Good Wife on Amazon Prime. I eschew unnecessary movement, buoyancy and perkiness. My favorite yoga pose is savasana..

Miliband in ‘childcare crunch’ claim: Ed Miliband claims parents in . Castle of otranto illustration essay gleitender mittelwert beispiel essay. We will seriously write your Argumentative essay. However the exemption, bizarrely, only applies to phones, not tablets, video game consoles or other devices, and “unlocking” them is still illegal.Felten similarly describes the narrowly applied exemption for technological research as “so narrowly defined as to be all but useless:”[T]here is a 116 word section of the Act titled “Permissible Acts of Encryption Research,” and it appears to have been written without consulting any researchers. There may be someone, somewhere, who has benefited from this exemption, but it fails to protect almost all of the relevant research. It didn’t protect Alex and me, because we were investigating spyware that didn’t rely on the mathematical operations involved in encryption.Because of legal fears about the scope of the DMCA, Felten and student Alex Halderman delayed publishing their research until they were scooped by a bolder researcher.Of course, this was in 2005, and exemptions have since been evaluated and renewed four times over; but the narrow scope of “encryption research” as defined by use of mathematical algorithms has yet to be expanded as of 2012 even though the scope of what falls under illegal “circumvention” of technology is quite broad, encompassing “avoiding, bypassing, removing, deactivating or otherwise impairing a technological measure.”In other words, all the things a savvy researcher might need to do to discover invasive code or otherwise harmful computer software.

It is the gift of craft. The craft of singing; not merely emoting a series of notes and words in sequence, but of singing the song from the inside and, by example, the craft of songwriting itself. It is the craft of recording, of capturing the sound of empty space..