TEN THINGS WE NEVER WANT TO HEAR AGAIN, AFTER THE 2012 ELECTION IS OVER: You know, every election year is filled with important discussions of the issues that affect the American people. Ha, just kidding! Actually, what most people remember from elections are the new ways we manage to drive our political culture ever further into the future depicted in the film “Idiocracy.” Remember how we spent a whole day in 2008 pretending that the phrase “lipstick on a pig” was sexist? When stupid fires the starters’ pistol, it’s a headlong sprint down the steeplechase of inanity. So let’s nip some stuff in the bud, and agree to never speak of these things again..

Nanjiani recounted the incident in a series of tweets on Saturday that will resonate with those who’ve already experienced the consequences of Trump’s victory. The Pakistani American comedian was luckily spared from a violent altercation the two individuals were promptly removed from the bar but he notes that someone without his protection or privilege might not have been so lucky. At the end of the night, 2 white dudes, 20 who been there for hours came up to us..

La única forma de prevenir es la revisión. Suele recomendarse el empleo de repelentes como la esencia de árbol del té o el aceite de citronella, sin embargo, no existen suficientes estudios que avalen su eficacia. Tampoco es aconsejable usar los tratamientos químicos con fines preventivos.

Ms. Holmgrain said the glass chandeliers have been cleaned only once in the past two decades, though she stressed that the space is safe and that the Academy flame proofs the curtains every year. Sherman.Mr. “Governor Tomblin was right to veto this callous, cruel and unconstitutional attack on health care for women facing complicated and sometimes dangerous situations in their lives and pregnancies,” said Nancy Northop, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights. “With this action today, the politicians behind this law have revealed how far they are willing to go to advance their ideological agenda at the expense of women’s rights, lives and safety. They should be ashamed.”.

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