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And this odd guy, introduced to me as Ace, was wearing one red Converse and one orange Converse sneaker. In 1972, five years before Punk, this was actually weird! He barely said hello to me or anyone else in the room, pulled out a beat up Epiphone Coronet (back then, a guitar considered junk), plugged into his amp, turned to the other three, and crankily and somewhat groggily demanded “What’re we doin’?” as if he’d been waiting on them for over an hour. Gene, very very not happy at all, growled “Let’s run through the first three.” and so, I got to hear the same songs with lead guitar..

He said I’m a genius. I said ‘Thank you very much’ to the newspaper, and that was the end of it. I never met Putin.”. El día 2 de abril de 1936 nace en Belgrado, Yugoslavia, Shaul Paul Ladany, en el seno de una familia judía. Como imaginaréis, nacer en la década de los 30 en Europa y ser judío no era nada fácil. Los abuelos de Ladany fueron enviados a Auschwitz, donde, tal y como relataría con crudeza el protagonista de hoy, fueron jabón un bombardeo alemán sobre su ciudad natal en 1941, los Ladany huyen a Hungría.

“Unless a war pops up somewhere else, the homeland security mission will become much more important,” said John Gritschke, a manager for Laser Shot, a Texas based maker of training videos. Last year the company did $20 million in business with the federal government. Most of it was with the military, which included the training of more than 10,000 soldiers at Fort Hood how to respond if their convoys were hit by a roadside bomb..

Todo gracias a las matemáticas. Y es que su apuesta por el comercio electrónico se ha basado en las redes sociales, con Facebook a la cabeza. A través de la ingeniería inversa han conseguido optimizar su publicidad ‘online’ a límites insospechados hasta el punto que la empresa de Mark Zuckerberg les invitó hace unos meses a presentar su caso de éxito ante el equipo de ingeniería de su sede central en Menlo Park, California..